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Statement &

Terms of Service


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First & foremost, thanks for coming! This is a statement in which you are informed of the details of the scuba diving session (for kids) that you and/or your child will be engaging in for the next 1.5 hours or so.


  1. This is not a PADI-certified course but a scuba diving pool session/course for kids in the pool with the aim of preparing them well in advance for PADI Junior Open Water course when they reach the required age of 10 years old.

  2. Each class takes about 90 mins and comprises of verbal explanations & pool sessions. The instructor will adjust according to the students’ needs and learning styles to the best of his/her abilities and final class duration is subject to the learning pace of the students.

  3. Max. depth is only 2m/6ft (pool setting)

  4. No refund of the course after arrival, should the customer decide to withdraw halfway due to unforeseeable reasons.

  5. We hope to get your consent for some of the photos & videos to be posted on our online & social media platforms such as DiveDegree's website, Facebook and/or Instagram as a way of promoting the activity to more parents and kids. Appreciate your support in this.

  6. Pls note-

         A general industry standard is:

        • 8 years old to learn to scuba dive in a pool (no pre-training required but needs to be comfortable in water)

        • 10 years old to become a certified scuba diver

DiveDegree encourages children (aged 8yo and above) & adults who are physically fit and healthy; mentally and emotionally able to handle the skills; able to understand and grasps theories & concepts; comfortable in water and wants to learn out of his/her own will, to take up scuba diving. If you are not sure if your child is capable of the above-mentioned, kindly let us know now!

Kindly proceed to the agreement form now.

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