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Canadian Int'l Sch Summer Camp 2019(ages 9-12)

Contact us for more details on the Summer Camp!

For the second year, DiveDegree is partner scuba operator for

Summer Camp Scuba Programme

Discover Scuba Diving for Children
(PADI Certification)

Participants will learn the basics they need to dive under the direct supervision of PADI Professionals, such as:

  • An overview of what Scuba Diving is all about, as well as learn how various diving equipment work

  • Basic rescue skills and safety rules

  • How to breathe underwater

  • Buoyancy Control

  • Underwater awareness for responsible diving

  • Importance of marine conservation

  • Yoga lessons to improve air consumption, fine-tune buoyancy, and enhance relaxation, confidence, and mindfulness underwater

  • Cardio sessions to build strength and conditioning through varied workouts

Contact us for more details if your school is looking to conduct Scuba Diving Programmes for your students!  

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