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Scuba Tryouts for Kids

For those at least 8 years of age, and want a taste of scuba diving!

Scuba Diving Programme for Kids

For those who love the water and love to know more about scuba diving


(Four-Week Course)

PADI Junior Diving Courses

PADI Junior Courses

For those at least 10 years of age, and would like to be certified internationally as divers!




Exclusive DiveDegree Program! 

Supplied Air Surface for Youth


Why learn scuba diving for kids?


✓ Boosts kids’ water confidence

✓ Learn safety rules & principles

✓ Application of problem-solving skills & laws that apply to buoyancy

and gravity real life in an underwater setting

✓ Educate them on ocean conservation

✓ Encourage discovery and exploration

✓ Strengthen family bonding with our parent-&-child sessions

Our PADI-certified professionals will be in the pool with the kids the whole time. And in the unlikely event of a problem, all our staff is trained and certified to provide emergency first response services to children.

DiveDegree encourages kids (aged 8yo and above) who are physically, mentally and emotionally able to handle the skills; understand the knowledge needed to scuba dive; comfortable in water and wants to learn out of his/her own will, to take up scuba diving!

For Kids
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Have your kids ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? Or throw an unforgettable underwater birthday party for your kids and friends!


DiveDegree’s Scuba Try-Out Sessions allows kids (aged 8 and above) to try scuba diving in a pool under the care and guidance of our certified PADI professionals.

1) What Your Kids Will Learn:

Kids will learn the basics they need to dive under the direct supervision of our PADI Professionals, such as:

  • Learn what wearing scuba equipment feels like underwater
  • Find out what it’s like to breathe underwater and how to be comfortable while doing so

  • Learn some basic skills and safety rules that will carry over to their full scuba certification course when they take the next step to become Junior Open Water Divers (ages 10 and above)

2) Course Requirements:

  • For children aged 8 and above
  • Comfortable in water

  • No pre-training required

  • Depth of only 2 metres/6 feet

3) Duration:

  • Approx. 90 mins
  • One-time session
  • Every Sat & Sun


4) Venue:

  • Orchid Country Club

5) Course Includes:

  • All equipment rental (except wetsuit)

6) Course Fee: 

SGD $200 per pax per session

Note: Minimum 2 pax to commence course

6.1) Course Fee: 

SGD $240 for private 1-1 session

(For parent-&-child sessions, click here)

OR scroll down to learn more about other kids programmes!

After One-Session Scuba Try-Out, students have the option to continue 4-Week Scuba Programme OR take up certified PADI Open Water Course
(if fulfill 10 years of age)

Mummies & Daddies want to join in the fun too? Check out our Parent-&-Child classes & Family Packages here!

Family Scuba Diving Packages


FOR KIDS (Four-Week)


Learn about
Diving Equipment


Train Buoyancy


Underwater Awareness


Quiz & Games

DiveDegree debuted our 4-Week Scuba Programme in conjunction with the June Holidays due to popular demand, as kids simply cannot get enough of just one session try-outs!

Each session lasts approximately 90 mins and comprises of 20-30 mins of verbal explanations of concepts followed by pool fun time.

DiveDegree's exclusive Certification of Completion will be provided upon course completion :) 

OR scroll down to learn more about PADI-certified courses!

No need to complete one-session scuba try-out to take up
4-Week Course!
Just sign up will do!

Course Fee:
SGD $680

(For parent-&-child sessions,
click here)
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(ages 10-14)

Pricing (PM For Info)

Open sea dives in Bali

(info here)

Young people can take the full PADI Open Water Diver scuba certification course and upon completion will become Junior Open Water Divers with certain depth and supervision limitations for scuba diving:


• Junior Open Water Divers ages 10-11 years old must dive with a PADI Professional or certified parent/guardian.  Dives must not exceed 12 meters / 40 feet

• Junior Open Water Divers ages 12-14 years old can go to 18 meters / 60 feet max and must dive with a certified adult


(ages 12-14)


Pricing (PM For Info)

Open sea dives in Bali

(info here)

Young people can continue the adventure and build their skills by taking the Advanced Open Water Diver course with a few limitations:


• Junior Open Water Divers ages 10-11 years must complete three adventure dives to become a Junior Adventure Diver. They must dive with a PADI Professional or certified parent/guardian. Dives must not exceed 12 meters/ 40 feet

• Junior Open Water Divers ages 12-14 years may complete three Adventure Dives to earn the Junior Adventure Diver rating or complete five Adventure Dives to earn the Junior Advanced Open Water rating. They must also dive with a certified adult

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